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S i m p r o l i t

SIMPROLIT is extremely light building material, and it has by far the best thermic characteristics in concrete class. SIMPROLIT is a patent-protected compound of expanded granules of polystyrene, Portlant-cement and additives.

Physical and mechanical properties are in comformity with standard GOST R 51263-99 (polystyrene-concrete)
Volume weight: 160 - 400 kg/m3 (D150 - D300)
Heat conductivity coefficient: 0,042 - 0,074 W/(m K)
Steam permeability: 1,025%- 6,19%
Compressive strength (prism strength): 0,14 - 1,10 Mpa

SIMPROLIT heat conductivity practically does not depend on the moisture content in it, given an almost constant moisture percentage in material: 4% - 8%. SIMPROLIT walls normally "breathe". SIMPROLITis characterized by high frost resistance. At 50-times repeated cycle of heating-freezing, from +15°C to -20°C, loss of strength was only 1,5% - 1,8%.

SIMPROLIT - does not burn! In fire, polystyrene granules vaporize, and in prolonged high temperatures SIMPROLIT turns into cement stone, with no smoke or flame appearing. SIMPROLIT is characterized by high bio-resistance, it is resistant to all insects and all kinds of vegetable and animal bacterias.
SIMPROLIT is ecologically harmless, its composite toxicity indicator is about 1,5 - 2,0 times lower than established standards.


  • is a light material
  • is an ecologically clean material
  • is an exceptionally good thermo-insulation
  • is a fireproof material
  • is an excellent soundproofing material
  • is a first-class durability material
  • it does not absorb moisture
  • it is highly bio-resistant

Simprolit structure elements considerably reduce building costs of industrial, residential, sports, country and other structures, and at the same time considerably improve their thermic characteristics.

SIMPROLIT products includes:

  • SIMPROLIT thermo-insulation facade panels,
  • SIMPROLIT blocks for outer walls,
  • SIMPROLIT blocks for partition walls and facade casing
  • SIMPROLIT pre-fabricated partition wall panels
  • SIMPROLIT insulation panels

Production of all elements is in conformity with standard "TY 5741-001-52775561-00-00" GOST R 51263.99; the basic raw material is "SIMPROLIT" polystyrene-concrete, of an original composition with company's additions, and elements are patent-protected.