Healthy Long Life Building

Simprolit system

Simprolit building system is distinguished by its unique combination of: quality - excellent thermo-insulation - durability - good sound proofing - good humidity resistance - frost resistance - sufficient light-weightiness - correspondence with all fireproofing requirements - economy.

Simprolit system not only reduces the price of 1m2 of habitable space, but also makes the living in the house built of Simprolit, comfortable. Thanks to its ecological properties.

The Simprolit system is based on a new material - SIMPROLIT - a patented "super-light" polystyrene concrete. It was called "Wonder-material" of the XXI century; they called it so in the Center for Implementation and Application of New Technologies in Moscow. For example, walls made of Simprolit blocks with just 30cm thickness are recommended by the Russian Academy of Civil Engineering Science - Institute of Civil Engineering Physics - for use as one-layer facade walls (without additional thermo-insulation layers) in all climate zones of the Russian Federation, including the regions with extreme climate conditions.

Ideally speaking, facade structures of residential and business buildings are facing following demands:

  • Ability to function as bearing or self-bearing walls
  • Possession of high thermo-insulation properties
  • Good sound proofing
  • Humidity resistance
  • Frost resistance
  • Air permeability
  • Steam permeability
  • Sufficient light-weightiness
  • Ecological cleanliness
  • Satisfactory fireproofing
  • Durability
  • And finally, they must not obstruct the ability of architectural free expression.

Till today, there is no building system which could fulfill the whole list of the above stated demands.

The material and the elements of Simprolit system have all certificates necessaries that allow using it in all climate zones of the Russian Federation.

Simprolit system includes:

  • Thermo-insulation facade plates ;
  • Blocks for outer walls
  • Blocks for partition walls and facade casing
  • Pre-fabricated partition wall panels ;
  • Sound proofing panels
  • Water proofing panels
  • Floor and roof thermo-insulating plates
  • Plates and panels for other use

The Simprolit system includes also Simprolit monolith - a monolith polystyrene concrete that is widely used in construction. In the field of building construction, Simprolit monolith is mostly applied for:

  • Flat roof construction;
  • Substitution of slab cement screeds, acting not only as leveling, but also as thermo-insulation and soundproofing layers;
  • Thermo-insulation of foundation plates and walls;
  • Composite elements of facade wall with metal bearing structure;
  • Thermo-insulation and weightiness reduction;
  • Construction of new and thermo-insulation of old flat roofs, etc.