Healthy Long Life Building

SIMPROLIT is extremely light building material, and it has by far the best thermic characteristics in concrete class. Simprolit is an ecologically clean material, an exceptionally good thermo-insulation, a fireproof material, an excellent soundproofing material, a first-class durability material, it does not absorb moisture, it is highly bio-resistant.
Simprolit structure elements considerably reduce building costs of industrial, residential, sports, country and other structures, and at the same time considerably improve their thermic characteristics ...


Simprolit system - Healthy Green building
Simprolit walls breathe - gas concrete and Simprolit
Simprolit system - Quick-mounting ecological house
Simprolit system - Variant of the construction in seismic areas
Simprolit system of self-supporting walls
Simprolit - Webber system - thermo-insulation of existing buildings
Little-storey building in Simprolit system
MC Simprolit system - the mounting halls, swimming pools, etc.
Simprolit system - Conversion of hut to energy - effective ecological house
Corrugated Simprolit plates - The sky in every room
Reconstruction of the historical monuments of culture "Hunting Castle", Ecka, Serbia
Simprolit prefabricated home on wheels

Simprolit structural building system
Simprolit system for stone facade
Simprolit thermal and sound insulation blocks
Simprolit Monolith

SIMPROLIT products includes: thermo-insulation facade panels, blocks for outer walls, blocks for partition walls and facade casing, pre-fabricated partition wall panels and insulation panels. Production of all elements is in conformity with standard "TY 5741-001-52775561-00-00" GOST R 51263.99; the basic raw material is "SIMPROLIT" polystyrene-concrete, of an original composition with company's additions, and elements are patent-protected.

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